As you can imagine, saving lives at Langley Memorial Hospital requires many things. The latest in medical equipment and technology. Great doctors, nurses, and medical staff too.

But there’s another important person who saves lives. That’s you. 

You see, the work that doctors like me do is often only possible because of the gifts provided by generous donors like you. Last year alone you helped us raise more than $1 million—which was doubled to $2 million by the Eric Woodward Foundation.        

Your support moved us closer to making the new ER a reality for you and everyone you care about. That’s an amazing gift!

Our Emergency Department was built to accommodate 68 patients. Today, we treat up to 128 patients every day in that small space! As you can imagine, this is not ideal for any member of our community. I’ve lived and worked in Langley for over 20 years and I can tell you that having more space would allow us to do so much more for patients.

Now, I’m asking if you will renew your support for Langley Memorial this year. When you do this, you’ll help us buy new critical equipment for your hospital. You’ll help to expand the Emergency Department. And you’ll ensure the entire hospital has all of the tools needed to be there for everyone in our community.

Some of the critical pieces of equipment you will help fund today include:

Temporary Pacemakers (2 needed at $2,500 each) – Which are life-saving devices that quickly stabilize the heartbeat, giving caregivers time to treat the patient with medicine or surgery.

Ceiling Mounted Lifts (2 needed at $14,217 each) – Which assist patients in getting out of bed, making it easier to start their recovery. This is safer for our medical teams and patients.  

Intensive Care Ventilator ($80,000) – Which ensures our sickest patients can still breathe even when their bodies can’t do it for them. This helps to save lives and improves the patient’s chance to return home.

These are examples of the life-saving equipment that you’ll help fund so our Emergency Department, and our entire hospital, has the equipment needed for patients.

One of the biggest messages we hear from families is that high quality care, close to home makes such a difference. You might remember reading about Zak last year whose mom, Lori, said:

When I think back to our experience I really don’t know where we’d be without the amazing doctors and nurses at Langley Memorial. They are really like an extension of our family. There is a whole team of people who worked together to help get him well. The care we got there was so great. This would have hurt a lot more if we had to go into Vancouver, but getting the care close to home made it so much easier.

            This is exactly what we strive to do for every person and every family who comes through our doors. But in order to do this your support is critical. So please, make the most generous donation you can today.

            Your generosity will ensure that we can purchase critical pieces of equipment as we support our community every day, and work towards opening a brand new ER.

Dr. Richard Hsu
Emergency Department Physician
Langley Memorial Hospital