A cardiac emergency can happen in a second. A feeling of breathlessness, tightness in the chest, dizziness, stomach upset and shots of pain in your shoulder and arm, and finally, an urgent visit to the Emergency Room.

Apart from childbirth, heart attack and heart failure are the most common reasons for hospital admissions across Canada.

Coronary heart disease remains among the top three diagnoses among Canadians aged 65 and older.

Over the past five years, Langley Memorial has seen a growing demand for telemetry monitoring. In fact, about 62 per cent of patients admitted to Langley Memorial Hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) in 2021 were admitted after suffering from cardiac pain or emergencies.

The demand for cardiac monitoring continues to grow. Hospital data analysis forecasts the numbers to climb even higher, corresponding to the growth of Langley’s predicted population growth over the next five years.

Your donation will make a significant impact on the experience of every patient who walks into Langley Memorial’s Emergency Department while suffering from cardiac abnormalities. When a cardiac monitoring unit is available, these patients are given immediate access to constant attention and care.