Providing a lifetime of care starts with a simple donation, one month at a time.

By making a monthly commitment today, you can help ensure Langley Memorial Hospital continues to provide the consistent quality of care that everyone in Langley deserves.

Donor Spotlight

For Rosemarie Reed, generosity is a two-way street.

A monthly donor to Langley Memorial Hospital and a regular volunteer with the hospital auxiliary, Rosemarie gives her time and money to make a difference in an institution that has played a central role in her family’s life.

Rosemarie first became acquainted with Langley Memorial in the spring of 2009, when her husband suffered from complications related to diabetes, including cellulitis and sepsis. His treatment brought him from Langley’s Emergency Department, to the ICU and eventually to rehab before his health deteriorated and he passed away later that year.

His care at Langley’s hospital made a huge impression on Rosemarie.

“I was there every day. I got to see how hard the staff worked, and I witnessed how caring they were.”

Rosemarie says she’s gratified by the way being a donor connects her to Langley Memorial as the central hub of the community.

“The doctors and nursing staff are fabulous, and Dr. Wittmann was there for my husband, and myself. I feel like I’m very much in good hands...I’m looked after,” says Rosemarie.

Partners in Care Benefits

Why give monthly?

Monthly giving is an easy and convenient way to spread your donation love over the entire year.

Investing in better equipment and health care services means earlier diagnosis, better surgeries, shorter hospital stays and healthier long-term outcomes. By making a monthly donation commitment, you are helping ensure we can continue provide for whatever is most urgently needed, now and without delay.

Monthly Giving provides:

  • Donor control: Pick an affordable amount each month that fits in with your budget and know your gifts are scheduled at the same time every month.
  • It’s easy to change/cancel: You can pause, alter or stop monthly donations at any time.
  • A win-win: By providing stable, regular funding to Langley Memorial Hospital you allow us to better plan for expanded and improved health care that improves quality of life for the entire community. Your dollars will better go to priority needs, including patient care, modern equipment and clinical staff training.
  • Extra benefits: We'll send you regular updates on what impact your donations make each year.


How to become a monthly donor:

Signing up is easy and convenient. Choose to give $15, $20, $50, or any amount that works for you. Your donations are automatically safely and securely processed on your credit card on the same day, every month.

  • Donate online.
  • Call us today! We’re happy to get you started: 672.879.2394

Being a Partners in Care monthly club member has its advantages:

  • Year-end cumulative gift tax receipt, making tax time easier
  • Invitation to donor events like our annual donor tea and “meet a caregiver” events  
  • Regular email and mailed updates from us on how your dollars are supporting the hospital, as well as updates on Foundation activities and fundraising efforts.

Contact Us!

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