As a community hospital, we are nearby for emergencies, we care for aging family members close to home, we safely deliver thousands of babies, we perform surgery for cancer patients and, as of January 2021, we perform important diagnostic MRI scans for thousands of local residents each year. 

Your gift today will help us adapt to changes in health care practice and upgrade our technology to ensure our residents have the modern, quality care they deserve. 

You can also help us ensure every patient, regardless of their medical emergency, is receiving the care they need despite challenges presented by the pandemic. For example, through donor support we are able to acquire life-saving surgical equipment that helps surgeons perform faster, less invasive surgeries, and more surgical equipment to reduce time between surgeries and in turn, reducing waitlists. As well, our pain clinic is using a new donor-funded ultrasound to help provide opioid-alternative, non-invasive treatment for patients with chronic or acute trauma-related pain. 

On behalf of the caregivers and patients and families we serve, a heartfelt thanks for giving to the area of greatest need.