Nuraney Family

Nick Nuraney sees the value in steady, consistent progress. In fact, his entire business has been built on it. Nick took on his first job at an early age at one of his father’s A&W restaurants. Decades later, this second-generation Langley resident owns 10 A&W franchises, six of them in Langley.

As his father taught him, business is one thing, but community-building is an integral part of being a good citizen. So today, he and his family devote themselves to improving the lives of people with disabilities; they also donated generously to LMH’s Emergency Response Campaign.

Nick Nuraney says his family sees Foundry Langley as a catalyst for change in the lives of youth who need help but have never known where to find it in a safe space defined by privacy and respect.

As a longtime employer of youth, he recognizes the need to reach out to youth at risk, so he and his family donated $100,000 to help fund Foundry Langley’s programs and services.

“Langley needs Foundry because it’s a one-stop shop and a place where youth can feel comfortable before they need help. And Foundry Langley is a start. The impact might take time but every life that is changed is a step forward.”