Having to visit or stay in hospital at any time of the year can be tough, but especially so during the holidays. 

So staff at Langley Memorial - everyone from the housekeeping staff to the residential care teams to the food and nutrition department - make an effort to bring some holiday cheer to all who come to our site. 

One of the most inventive ways we create festive fun, is to decorate our doors with winter and Christmas themes. The competition for top door has been fierce this year with some incredible and elaborate displays, such as the Gingerbread Village by the Home Health / Home Care Nursing team:

Congratulations to the Door Decorating Contest winners: 

First Prize: "Gingerbread Village" by the Home Health / Home Care Nursing team

Second Prize: "Gingerbread Advent" by the In Hospital Replenishment team

Third Prize: "Save Santa" by the Surgical & Operations team