Imagine being diagnosed with cancer at just 26 years old.

It’s a reality that Michael Jones faced when he was told he had Stage 3 colon cancer.

“Monday, July 20th was when I found out… my family was there - my aunt, who happens to be a nurse at Langley Memorial gave me the biggest hug ever,” Michael says.

I remember thinking I can be upset over it but not because of it - I won’t let this defeat me.”

And he didn’t. Today, ten years after his shattering diagnosis, he reflects on how his family, friends and team at Langley Memorial Hospital all helped give him the strength to battle his diagnosis. 

The team at LMH was able to find Michael’s cancer earlier thanks to new technology at the time. Without this new technology his cancer could have been missed, likely leading to a diagnosis at stage 4, when it’s incurable.

Did you know much of our new technology is purchased thanks to generous donors?

Imagine if surgeons could tell more patients like Michael that their tumours were caught early and now they’re much more likely to survive.

It’s possible, with your help!

Right now, Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation is working hard to bring more advanced technology called “Blue-Light Cystoscopy” to our procedure rooms. This gives our surgical team clear views of any abnormal cells in the bladder that could signal cancer.

Much like the CT scans and the colonoscopy that caught Michael’s cancer before it got much worse, this state-of-the-art imaging tool allows surgeons to catch cancer early, and more often.  

When we don’t have the best technologies to detect diseases like cancer before it’s too late, we must send our patients to other hospitals for the procedure.

Imagine if you were facing a medical crisis, and you had to go to another hospital for diagnosis. The time involved in sending a patient elsewhere is critical. Tumours can spread rapidly; the disease could then spread even further. And that could devastate our patients and their families.

A gift today can change that.

When you give to Langley Memorial Hospital, you are investing in new technology that can provide even better care. You can ensure everyone has a healthy outcome like Michael.

When we use the most advanced imaging technology at Langley Memorial Hospital, we bring patients closer to our goal of early detection of cancer and other devastating diseases.