Each year, approximately 700 people are admitted to Langley Memorial Hospital after suffering a stroke. Admitted to a specialized 18-bed medical unit at Langley Memorial Hospital, these patients immediately start receiving unique support for their needs.

“Regaining mobility within 24 to 48 hours of suffering a stroke is an important part of the rehabilitation process,” says Tracey Watson, program manager. “Stroke patients are often physically weak and easily lose their balance. They often require physical support to even rise out of bed.”

With a recent $7,500 donation from G&F Financial Group Foundation to purchase a ceiling lift, this important exercise is made easier.

“Getting patients out of bed three or more times a day is important, but can be very challenging for our busy unit. Having a ceiling lift allows us to easily and safely help our patients get up.”

Traditional floor lifts take up room, better served for other necessarily medical equipment, or to allow family members to stay by the bedside and still take multiple caregivers to move patient with. The new state-of-the-art lift, however, can support up to 450 pounds, can be operated by a single caregiver and will reach two beds in a single room.

Taking a tour through the unit, Kam Mokha, Willoughby G&F Branch Manager, and Ian Daniel, director for the G&F Financial Board, had a chance to see their gift in action.

“Providing a gift to support the hospital aligns with our staff and our business goals,” Mokha explains. “We really have a holistic approach to where we live and play. We want to enrich the community and be part of its growth and prosperity.”

“G&F has a long history of giving back to the community and being a part of the community in which we live and work,” agrees Daniel. “Although I am fortunate to never have had to use the hospital myself, I know a lot of people who have and we all see the need. I, and everyone at G&F Financial, am delighted to respond to the need at Langley Memorial as we are able.”