Whatever It Takes Fund

The WIT Fund provides the hospital’s acute care social work team access to funds that would improve their ability to support patients’ transition from the hospital back to the community, and set them up for recovery and prevent hospital re-admission.

“The patients who have benefited from the WIT Fund often have limited support networks of family and friends or their family does not live locally,” says Moira Halliwell, Clinical Practice Leader for Social Work at Langley Memorial Hospital.

“They don’t have anyone to meet them at home after their hospital discharge and help them with these daily living activities.”

The social work team at Langley Memorial Hospital includes professionals with diverse work experiences and backgrounds in health care, child protection, mental health and substance use, and victims services. That expertise prepares them to help patients express what they need to continue their health care journey, and then helps them navigate the community resources to achieve their goals, she says.

“The social workers assess when a patient is facing obstacles that stand in the way of a safe, supported return home from the hospital. If the social workers can’t identify any community or personal resources available to help meet the immediate need, then we look to the WIT Fund,” says Moira.

Fueled by donor generosity, the fund has been able to help patients access private services such as transportation to appointments, cleaning and meal preparation. It’s often used to purchase clothes and shoes or meal vouchers and groceries.

The social work team has also used the fund to help purchase car seats to clear maternity patients for discharge.

The Langley Memorial’s social work team sees the fund as a needed boost for patients in a continuum of care, and they have donors to thank for it, says Moira.

To support the Whatever It Takes Fund, make a one-time or monthly donation here: lmhfoundation.com/donate