A letter from Dr. Rita Wittmann:

A persistent cough that had bothered her for months. A CT scan that showed a large mass in her lungs. Dunja McCrae couldn’t have been more nervous.

On the day of her bronchoscopy - a medical exam on the lungs and airways - Dunja was fixated, as many patients would be: What if it was cancer?

As a respirologist at Langley Memorial Hospital, I see that a lot in my patients.

Most patients come to me when they’re struggling with breathing problems, a persistent cough, or a lingering lung infection.

They may need treatment for scarred lung tissue, or a blockage that other, less advanced scans can’t detect. They may be suffering from the lingering effects of COVID-19 infection.

My team is seeing more and more patients coming in with lung issues that have intensified over the last two years.

During the COVID pandemic, many patients who suffered from lung problems were too cautious to visit the hospital, and now their symptoms are worse.

Whatever the medical concern, I want our community to understand that Langley Memorial’s respirologists and respiratory therapists are here for them.

We have the skills to provide the most advanced, state-of-the-art exams of the throat and lungs to collect samples of abnormal lung tissue and diagnose everything from lung infections to cancer.

However, my team at Langley Memorial is at a crossroads, which is why I’m reaching out to you today.

Our current bronchoscopes are at the end of their lives, and we desperately need to replace them. 

Bronchoscopes are absolutely essential for proper diagnosis.

Our ability to continue testing and providing the quick care our patients deserve is limited, not by our skills but simply by the age and quality of our medical equipment.

I’m reaching out to ask for your help to ensure my patients can continue to receive life-changing care.

Donate now!

We’re in need of four new bronchoscopes, and each cost $36,300.

There’s yet another reason to give: Act now and TB VETS will match your donation with a gift of their own. This means your gift will go twice as far!

And if we can raise enough for one scope, TB Vets will donate a second scope! If we raise enough for two, this means the hospital will receive the four bronchoscopes our team so urgently needs!

Dunja’s story shows just how important it is for our respirology team to have a number of bronchoscopes on hand.

“If Langley Memorial didn’t have these bronchoscopes,” Dunja says, “I don’t think I would’ve had an appointment on time. I had a really quick intake and that alleviated a lot of my worries.”

Thanks to the bronchoscopy, we were able to diagnose Dunja with Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis (ABPA). It’s a reaction to aspergillus, or mould in the lungs, which caused a partial collapse of her lung.

After rounds of medication, she’s feeling healthier than ever.

With your gift you’ll be helping patients like Dunja — patients who face the fear of suffering long-term breathing problems, COVID-19 related breathing issues or even lung cancer.

On behalf of everyone we serve at Langley Memorial Hospital, a heartfelt thanks for helping our patients breathe, free and clear.

With gratitude,

Dr. Rita Wittmann,
Respirologist at Langley Memorial Hospital

P.S. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Remember, every dollar you donate today will turn into two dollars, thanks to our matching donor, TB VETS!