We're partnering with TB Vets on a matching gift campaign. Will you help us raise $50,000 - to be matched with another $50,000 by TB Vets - to fill an urgent need for four bronchoscopes?

The Respiratory Department has confirmed an urgent need for four bronchoscopes, special medical equipment which allow a doctor to view a patient's lungs and air passages. 

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This summer, TB Vets, a veterans’ society with a focus on raising funds for respiratory diseases, will match donations towards new bronchoscopes to replace aging instruments at Langley Memorial. 

At first glance, it may not look like the most advanced piece of equipment. 

But the bronchoscope, a thin flexible tool used for exploring the respiratory system, is the workhorse of every respiratory procedure at Langley Memorial Hospital. 

The bronchoscopes themselves look like a simple flexible tube, between 24 and 36 inches, with a bright LED light and a tiny camera installed at its extreme tip. 

“We can use the camera for a live video feed and as we pass the vocal cords and enter the lungs, we can see the images with ease,” says Aman Badesha, Respiratory Therapist at Langley Memorial. 

“We can take photos, take a biopsy, and even extract fluid seen deep within the lung passages. We can quickly send these samples to our lab to analyze, detect early signs of cancer and jump on treatment immediately.” 

In the case of potential lung cancers, early detection can make the difference between early recovery and survival and serious illness. 

Common reasons for needing a bronchoscope include persistent cough, coughing up blood, infection such as pneumonia, interstitial lung disease (scarring), and mass identification. It's commonly used as a tool for diagnosing cancer.

Most patients get a bronchoscopy in a day procedure; after 24 hours or less, they can return quickly to normal everyday life.

Act now and TB VETS will match your donation with a gift of their own. This means your gift will go twice as far!

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On behalf of everyone we serve at Langley Memorial Hospital, a heartfelt thanks for helping our patients breathe, free and clear.