Advancements in health care practice and treatment require investment, creativity, exploration and innovation. 

And nobody is better suited to seize opportunities for improvement to patient experience better than those working the frontlines.

Newly launched in April, 2021, the Staff Innovation Grant provides any employee of Langley Memorial Hospital and Langley Health Services, who works with Langley health care populations, an opportunity to access donor-supported funds to invest in the development and testing of new programs, services, tools, education or other initiatives that can strategically advance health care with the ultimate objective of improving outcomes for the community.

Thanks to donor support, a yearly fund of $10,000 is available and open to employees who want to research, pilot or improve an existing opportunity to enhance patient care for the Langley community.

Funding Criteria

The Staff Innovation Grant will only fund applications that support programs and services within the LMH and LHS health care network, including but not limited to acute care programs, long-term care facilities, community health outreach, and acute and community mental health programming.

Applications must clearly demonstrate a connection to health care provided in Langley and directly or indirectly benefit supporting staff patients or patient families.

Grant applications will only be considered for request of a min. $500 and to a maximum of $5,000.

Interested in applying? Considerations for successful grant requests

Approval is given on the quality of the grant application submitted:

  • Model of Care: Clearly stated program goals, number of staff involved, approximate number of patients/Langley residents affected, and an understanding of how innovative grant will impact other teams.
  • Quality: A well-defined program with benchmarks and systems of reporting successes and challenges
  • Anticipated Outcomes: Expected results and projected, measurable outcomes
  • Anticipated Impact: How will the program benefit clinical staff and patients in Langley? How will you demonstrate the impact on patient care and ability to move health care forward in our community?
  • Timely execution: Provide a timeline for implementation, duration, and reporting structure.

Application Procedure

Read the full Grant Guidelines (pdf)
Application form is available here (pdf)
or can be requested via email:

The application will be reviewed by LMHF leadership bi-annually in October and April.

The Foundation will have additional authority to review and approve applications throughout the year until the $10,000 is exhausted. Any applications that come in after the year’s grants have been spent will be reviewed for consideration in April of the following year.


Contact the Foundation office at:
Phone: 604.533.6422