We've gathered good-news stories from around the hospital and our Langley community to spread some cheer. Because we all need it.

A few of our board members have given back to the community this year to show their appreciation.

Tyler MacLean

This year to celebrate #GivingTuesday and the spirit of philanthropy that the movement promotes, Foundation board member Tyler MacLean, along side his family, took the global challenge to show one act of kindness - choosing to donate toys and clothes for Langley community children in need.

"Our family gives back to the community because we want our kids to know the importance of recognizing the needs of others," says Tyler.

But the MacLean family's motivation to act was not just to teach their kids about giving this year. In fact, it was in tribute to their own daughter who, even at an early age, is showing a strong spirit of giving back.

"We recently heard some feedback about our daughter at daycare - one of the instructors said, 'she is so kind and warm-hearted. The world needs more people like her.' She went on to explain that she's the first to help out the children with special needs in her class. Hearing this made us very proud!"

This year, our global community is facing more challenges and more struggles, and need each other more than ever. But we are so lucky to have people in the community like Tyler and his family.

Thank YOU too, for all you do to make our community stronger.

Rob Renaud

Foundation board member and community supporter, Rob decided to give back to those less fortunate in Langley by donating to the Christmas Bureau.

Thank you Rob for spreading your kindness and sharing your story with us.

Dr. Leo Wong

Members of our community are facing challenges that are unprecedented in recent times. For many, virtually working from home is not simply not an option. It is a difficult balance between continuing to find a way to be actively part of a community, and keeping our loved ones safe. Physicians have a role to help our community adjust to some of these new realities, including helping us understand this new disease, and suggesting ways to adjust and cope with our changed lives.

Being a member of the LMH Foundation Board allows me to gain further understanding of our community's health care needs, and be part of the team advocating for ongoing improvements and enhancements in health care care services in Langley.

Health care workers of all stripes have always selflessly dedicated their talents and energies to take care of the sick. This has never been more true than in 2020, when the act of caring for others potentially brings health risk to themselves or their families. We need to continue offering our support to keep on with this journey.

Stories from our own LMH staff

LMH staff were asked what three things they are most grateful for this year. The responses all vary but all show that, despite these rough times, there are little successes we should all celebrate.

Amanda Laboucane 

Amanda, a valuable member of the Langley Memorial Hospital team is grateful for many things this year. 

"Grateful for an amazing team of leaders at LMH who grew with me and supported everyone around them through thick and thin. When times were tough I knew they had my back and we could share a smile, a laugh or a virtual hug to make it through another day.

Grateful for a supportive family who understood the demands placed on healthcare by the pandemic and who stepped up and stepped in with anything that was needed from meals to childcare to making sure I could work the hours that were needed of me.

Grateful to be able to find something each day to stop and appreciate. Whether it be a sunrise, a breath of fresh air, a moment of silence, the beauty of nature, or a moment of compassion – really pausing for a moment to be present and accept that gift for what it is and the impact something so small can have."

Hilary Vandergugten 

This Christmas season I am thankful for many things, but daily these two come to mind.

I am thankful to be living in such a beautiful province. The gorgeous mountains, the variety in landscape, the ever changing sky and stunning sunsets after a raining day. If there is a place in the world where we need to “hunker down” during this pandemic, this is one of the best places to be!

I am thankful for family, friends and colleagues. I so appreciate the people in my life that encourage me, share my joy and my frustrations. It makes navigating these challenging times a little easier knowing we are in it together.

Karen Jarvie

I am thankful that I have a great job that I love and that my family is safe and healthy throughout the pandemic.

I am very grateful that I work with a great group of people here at the hospital.

Ronnie Mills

I am grateful for my health & being able to workout at home. Also for my children & family. I am also grateful to have a job that I am so needed for and being able to work full-time hours to keep up with bills.

Rosemarie Reed

Long-time Foundation supporter and Langley Memorial Hospital Auxiliary member, Rosemarie Reed is grateful for many things despite the challenges this year.

"I am grateful that there are people who are here for me. Grateful for my son who calls me 3 - 4 times a week to check in on me.

I'm grateful for my health, and the good health of my family and close ones. I'm grateful I got to see my grandchildren and celebrate their birthdays."

She recollected on all the positive moments of this year, and makes time each day to focus on one thing that brings her joy. Whether it's going for a walk, or Facetiming a friend.

She wants everyone to know that we are in this together. It's going to be alright. And we can do this.