As a spiritual care practitioner at Langley Memorial Hospital, Sandy Reynolds spends her day making deep connections with patients and staff. 

"I studied to be a pastor, and then someone suggested I do the spiritual health care training. I signed up and after two weeks I just loved it. I just knew I belonged in the hospital, giving that kind of care. For me, god does prepare you for some things."

What inspired Sandy the most, is the connect that she creates, often during the toughest time in a person's life. "You need to know suffering first hand [to do this job]. I find people know if you know suffering. They feel a connection." 

Spiritual Practitioners are an important part of the healing environment offered here at Langley Memorial. 

"We are moving to holistic care. I think we are recognizing we are not just physical bodies; we have an emotional side, we have a spiritual side. However you frame that just connecting people to their past and what gives them spiritual strength; whatever helps them. My job is to help them in the best way for them, spiritually.

"When that heart to heart connection is made, that’s what I love about the work the most. Just making a meaningful difference in people’s lives."

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