If your doctor recommended you get “additional testing”, you’d probably worry.

I was. But I’m so grateful I took the test.

Because it revealed I had stage 3 cancer. I was in shock. But my doctor at Langley Memorial Hospital saved my life. And you, as a donor, played an important part.

After the test Langley Memorial Hospital got me in for surgery very quickly. My family doctor originally referred me to another hospital where they told me that I’d have to wait nearly four months just to get tested! Doctors later told me that if I had waited this long it’s unlikely I’d be alive to write to you today.

I want to thank you past donors for your generous support - you play a critical role in the care the hospital delivers. 

You helped to save my life. 

Today, I hope you’ll make a gift to support cancer care at the hospital. Your donation will help them buy a new endoscope that costs $35,000. It’s a flexible tool with a light and camera. It allows doctors to look inside your body. It’s the tool they used to discover my cancer. And by buying a second one they can increase the number of advanced cancer screenings they do for patients.

This could benefit you or someone you love one day.

When I think back to my experience, family was a big part of it. When I told my daughter-in-law (who happens to be a Registered Nurse) about the four month wait, she said that was way too long. She recommended I go to Langley Memorial instead, and they told me they could get me in for testing the next week.

I was 65 at the time. I felt healthy. I’d never had any major health issues. But when the doctor at Langley Memorial told me I had stage 3 colon cancer everything changed…

They did my surgery a few days later. While it was successful, it felt like there was a dark cloud hanging over my head. Dr. Cowie (who is an amazing surgeon) couldn’t guarantee me that the cancer wouldn’t come back, so we had to wait.

That meant I was in and out of Langley Memorial quite often. But it really made things easier because it was close to home. I’ve lived in the Langley area for more than 40 years, and have so many family members nearby. They helped me through the scary times. The staff at Langley Memorial are so much nicer than any other hospital I’ve been treated at. And I truly consider it to be my local hospital.

Here’s some great news. A few months ago Dr. Cowie told me I was cancer free! It’s tough to describe the joy I felt that day, but I really feel it’s only through the grace of God that I’m here today. From the first test, to the amazing work by Dr. Cowie, to the support from generous donors like you. Everything fell into place exactly as it needed to and I just feel so blessed.

Even a small gift can make a big difference. Because when your donation is combined with others in the community it really does have a big impact. So please, give generously, and help save another life today. Because next time it could be someone you love.

With my sincere thanks,

Robert Cattermole
Grateful patient, Age 72