When I went to bed one night last summer, I never thought I’d be fighting for my life before morning.

But just before sunrise, I woke up with a feeling like my brain was racing. I tried to get out of bed, but quickly realized my right arm was numb. I tried to tell my wife, Andrea that I wasn’t feeling right, but my speech was slurred.

We quickly realized that I was having a stroke.

Not even waiting for an ambulance, Andrea quickly brought me in to Langley Memorial.

I was impressed with how quickly they had me on a bed. It felt like only five minutes after I arrived that I was getting a CT scan.

There were many great doctors and nurses, but one who really stands out was Dr. Higginson. She took the time to carefully explain things during every step of my treatment and care, ensuring that Andrea and my kids were well informed about what was going on.      

The care that our healthcare teams provide is truly great. But the facilities and equipment are urgently in need of updating.

Langley Memorial needs additional funding to purchase new equipment, including an MRI machine.

You see, I had to be transferred to Peace Arch Hospital to get an MRI, because we don’t yet have one here at Langley Memorial.

The transfer was really stressful for me and my family. We wondered whether we should have just gone to Peace Arch in the first place. And that’s not something that anyone should have to think of when there’s an emergency. You just want to know that great care is available at your local hospital, and that’s why your support is so important.

The MRI is a critical piece of equipment that our hospital needs to purchase in order to treat our patients quickly and effectively – when every second matters.

Your gift today will help a great deal.

After the MRI, I came back to Langley Memorial to begin my rehab. In the end I can tell you that we’re very glad we went to Langley as the care was truly great. But it’s an aging hospital, with a growing population, and the hospital hasn’t been able to keep up with the times.

During rehab, I had to learn to do everything all over again – eating, talking, even walking across the room. I was determined to beat the odds. The doctors and nurses told me they couldn’t believe how fast my recovery was. Soon I was no longer slurring, and one day the paralysis was gone.

This experience has really shown me what is important in life. I’m now more relaxed, and I always take the time to smell the roses and enjoy all the little things that life offers.

I hope you feel this same way too. Because life is precious. Health is precious. And so are good neighbours and a strong community.

You can help ensure Langley Memorial is there for our friends, families and neighbours. You do that with every gift you make to our hospital.

I hope I can count on you to make your donation today, to help ensure the hospital can continue to provide life-saving care to patients in our community.

With appreciation,
Randy Terrace, Grateful Patient

P.S.     Your generous support makes a real difference to patients and their families. You ensure they can be treated close to home. Because no one should have to be transferred when they are at their most ill and vulnerable. Please help fund critical pieces of equipment like an MRI machine, and help the doctors and nurses keep up their excellent medical care. Thank you!