During the holiday season, cheer and generosity abound here in Langley. It’s a time when most of us stop to reflect on events of the past year and to take time to show our appreciation for loved ones.

For a small portion of the population however, this time of celebration is interrupted by health challenges that take them away from home and to the hospital. It can be a time of anxiety and, for many of our long-term care home residents, a time of loneliness.

But our care teams take the time to do all they can to improve the experience and bring cheer. Inge and Debbie, both RNs working out of the Ambulatory Daycare Clinic, see first-hand how the hospital can actually be a joyous environment.

“It becomes the outpatient IV therapy club. They all become very chatty and friendly. It’s a support group, absolutely. Some of them don’t have a huge social life so I feel this clinic is actually good for them,” says Inge.

Even during the holiday season, Langley Memorial can provide support for the physical and emotional well-being of the community.

“It’s burdensome for them because they can’t go away or do anything because they have to show up for their IVs,” says Debbie. “We always spend some extra time on them if we see that they need some care.”

It’s also why staff put time and energy into holiday activities such as the holiday door decorating contest and arrange for a visit from Santa.

“If staff are in good spirits that translates to the patients as well,” says Tammy Karaway, Manager of Medical Imaging.

The working environment is both challenging and inspiring.

“The care we deliver can make the biggest difference to our patients and our community members,” says Dr. Mitra Maharaj, Site Medical Director. “While it may seem small to us it’s huge to them.  We may do 15, 20 colonoscopies a day but that is, hopefully, the only one that patient will ever need. And that’s a huge life experience for them. Having the privilege to deliver on that care, even when it’s seemly routine to us is something profound.”

Throughout December we will be sharing stories from staff at Langley Memorial Hospital that provide insight into what the hospital is like during the holidays and reflect what inspires the team when times are tough.

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