Over the past few weeks, the community has shown more support, encouragement and love towards our hospital care teams than ever before.

Local companies, organizations and individuals have focused their attention on one thing—helping maintain the exceptional quality and compassion of care seen at Langley Memorial Hospital.

During this time of great change, it would be easy for people to only think of themselves, but instead we continue to see profound generosity and kindness. The term “CareMongering” was coined during the pandemic as a replacement for the word “fearmongering” to reflect the considerable positive impact people have made around the world from one community to the next: spreading love and encouragement.

At Langley Memorial Hospital, it all started with words of support, lovingly left at the entrance of the staff parking lot.

And then offers of food from the community—to nourish the soul and the weary bodies of our health care staff—started to pour in.

"It makes [my staff] feel really good to be able to support the hospital workers and it renews their sense of purpose as we come together as a community," says Nick Nuraney, franchise owner of several A&W restaurants in Langley.

Nick’s team delivered Mama burgers, Beyond burgers, fries and ice-cold root beers just in time for lunch last Tuesday for the hospital staff.

And, they continue the relief effort, delivering food three times a week until each department has been heartened by the love of their staff. From administration to the Critical Care unit —all will feel the love.

(Langley Memorial Cardiac Care staff member receives a lunch delivery from John Archibald, A&W Murrayville)

Not only food, but other donations like energy drinks, care packages and flowers have been delivered for the health care staff. Last week, donated by Van Noort Bulb Co, hundreds of daffodils were left for caregivers to take a bit of sunshine home with them.

On the Easter long weekend, a number of local companies spread joy among our hospital staff, allowing us to distribute over 200 meals. An Indian Affair, Well Seasoned: A Gourmet Food Store, Fraser Valley Volleyball Club, Downtown Langley Business Association, and Me & Eds Pizza all contributed to cheering up the staff on a day that would normally have been spent with family or friends.

"Feeding people, I think, shows we appreciate and care for them. This is seriously the least we can do," says Angie Quaale of Well Seasoned, a local gourmet food store.

Angie and her team have dropped off over 150 meals of healthy, wholesome foods for our hospital staff to date.

 “This is inspired by the generosity of our community," says Angie. “Our front-line workers need to be well nourished to do the work we need them to do."

Tim Hortons Langley franchise, Greg McAuley, is another donor sharing his love of community through food donations.

Langley Memorial Hospital has been such a great place to me, from fixing broken bones to giving my wife Julie and I the happiest experience of our life last October when our daughter Mila was born,” said McAuley.

Over two dozen restaurants, catering companies and community groups have shown up to provide gifts to keep the hospital staff spirits high.

Beyond donations of food, organizations are doing all they can to donate personal protective equipment, or other urgently needed items such as hand sanitizer. Our own local winery, Backyard Vineyards, donated over 2,000 bottles of sanitizer to the Fraser Valley community in response to the urgent ask.

And of course, there are our nightly cheerleaders.

Every night at 7 p.m., whether it’s in New York, Vancouver or Langley, our communities get outside on their balconies or front-yards and bang pots, pans or play music in appreciation for our health care workers.

Thank you.

“Knowing some of the doctors, nurses and support staff at the hospital, and hearing the first hand stories of what is going on, I felt like it is the least we can do to give back to a place that has done so much for us.”  - Greg McAuley

Thank you to all our Generous donors, to date:

  • Fraser Valley Volleyball Club
  • Pizza Mantra
  • A&W Murrayville location
  • Tim Hortons
  • McDonalds Sarocemas
  • The Raving Gamer Bistro
  • Well Seasoned: A Gourmet Food Store
  • Ocean Park Pizza Walnut Grove
  • Venetis Restaurant
  • Youth Leadership Society of British Columbia
  • Me-N-Eds Pizza Parlors
  • Downtown Langley Business Association
  • Dominos Pizza
  • Dinner In Elegance (D.IN.E)
  • Triple O’s
  • Van Noort Bulb Co. Inc.
  • Superstore
  • Blue Monkey
  • Inno Foods
  • DD Sports Nutrition
  • Canada Tire, Langley