Hospitals are facing unanticipated, incremental costs as the COVID-19 public health emergency continues to evolve, adding pressure to operating budgets that are already strained.

Our hope with this national Frontline Fund collaborative effort is to provide an easy, one-stop solution for Canadians and Canadian businesses who want to help.

All donations to The Frontline Fund will be shared nationally with donations from individuals flowing through and aggregated by province so that funds given by donors in that province remain in the province.

Our collective goal is to raise as much money as we can to help Canadian hospitals on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis and their frontline workers. 

Funds raised will help to meet the highest-priority needs of hospitals across Canada, including urgent measures to combat COVID-19, as well as to support the Northern Territories and Indigenous Health. 

These needs focus on three key pillars:


From personal protective equipment like masks, disinfectants, and disposable clothing; to life-saving ventilators and testing equipment; to the digital infrastructure needed to enable virtual patient care, frontline healthcare workers need more tools to win this battle and keep Canadians safe.


Being on the frontlines of this pandemic takes a huge toll. Gift cards, peer-to-peer mental health support, and hotel rooms near the hospital will help our frontline workers protect their families, get much needed rest, and prepare themselves for the effort ahead.


Our hospitals need funding to conduct vital research like clinical drug trials to discover therapeutic breakthroughs and intense vaccine development efforts.

Donation Options:

Donate to the National Frontline Fund: 

Donate directly to Langley Memorial Hospital's COVID-19 Relief Fund