The Christmas season is nearly upon us – a time for family, for celebrations, and giving. Yet for people in hospital during the holiday season or those who live in our long-term care home, it is not always so.

Sadly, for many people, becoming ill or elderly too often means isolation and loneliness. They can no longer participate in outings, visits with friends and family members may be sporadic, and they miss out on special moments with their loved ones.

At Christmastime, this loneliness can be so much more pronounced.

But with your support, there is hope.

Our expert residential care staff have started a special program for residents called Music and Memories. 

“Music and Memories is about creating an individualized playlists for the residents, explains Bonnie Old, a Clinical Nurse Educator at Langley Memorial Hospital. "The idea is that music bonds with memories people have from when they were very young. You tend to not lose them as people develop dementia, so it helps them to connect." 

It is truly remarkable to see how our residents with dementia or developmental disabilities come alive when they hear music they recognize.

"By providing a personalized playlist for each resident to listen to, we are hoping it will mean that they are having a good day. And one of the things we have learned from our music and memory certification is that when they make that connection through music, it lasts; it’s not just for that moment but maybe five hours later they will still be feeling good.”

Bonnie Old notes, “Sometimes family members are at a loss on how to interact with their loved one who may not even remember who they are. But, listening to a song that is related to a fond memory can create an instant connection and maybe even a conversation is started. That is a gift.”

 It brings joy and makes such a difference to their quality of life. And when family and friends visit, music is something they can share together.

With support from caring individuals, our long-term residents can access simple home comforts such as a personalized playlist and a listening device.

Consider a donation today to bring joy to our residents this Christmas.

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