As a donor and volunteer, Rosemarie Reed is in a unique position to view the valuable work taking shape at Langley Memorial Hospital.

A monthly donor to Langley Memorial Hospital and a regular volunteer with the hospital auxiliary, Rosemarie gives her time and money to make a difference to an organization central to her family and community. She sees firsthand the daily changes as construction continues on the new Emergency Department, scheduled to open early 2021.

“You see your money at work,” she says of the hospital’s transformation. “It’s like planning a renovation in your home and seeing it come to light. You think, ‘Wow, this is wonderful. This is efficient, and money well spent.’”

Rosemarie first met the Langley Memorial team in the spring of 2009, when her husband's treatment brought him to Langley’s Emergency Department, the ICU and eventually to rehab before his health deteriorated and he passed away later that year. His care at Langley’s hospital made a huge impression on Rosemarie.

“I was there every day. I got to see how hard the staff worked, and I witnessed how caring they were.”

With her own health crisis four years later, Rosemarie found follow-up care in the hands of pulmonologist Dr. Rita Wittmann, who she continues to see for annual tests.

“The doctors and nursing staff are fabulous, and Dr. Wittmann was there for my husband, and myself. I feel like I’m very much in good hands…I’m looked after,” she says.

Monthly donors are vital to the hospital

Monthly donors like Rosemarie are essential to the long-term stability of Langley Memorial Hospital. They also have a say in the impact their donations make through consultations with the Foundation team about the most urgently needed equipment.

Why give monthly?

  • It’s an easy and convenient way to spread your donations over the entire year.
  • Your monthly donation commitment helps ensure the Foundation can continue providing the most urgently needed equipment without delay. This means earlier diagnosis, better surgeries, shorter hospital stays and healthier long-term outcomes.
  • Monthly donors now make even more of an impact, thanks to the hospital’s donor match program. This year, the Open Bible Chapel Foundation will match every new or upgraded monthly donation, dollar for dollar.
  • Pick an affordable amount each month that fits in with your budget and know your gifts are scheduled at the same time every month. You can pause, alter or stop monthly donations at any time.

Donors are kept well informed about how their gifts are put to work, and they’re invited to connect and share what’s important to them during events like the Foundation’s annual donor tea, equipment unveiling events and “meet a caregiver” sessions.

“I wouldn’t be giving if I had ever questioned that my money would be put to good work,” Rosemarie says.

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Monthly donors can now make even more of an impact, thanks to Langley Memorial Hospital’s matching donor! program.

Open Bible Chapel Foundation will match  every new or upgraded monthly donation, dollar for dollar from now until December 31. 

For example, A $50 monthly gift doubles to $100 of support to the hospital each month in 2020!  

Open Bible Foundation board chair Gord Krogel recalls the care given to his late wife and several friends at Langley Memorial Hospital, so the gratitude runs deep.

“We help charities we care most about,” he says.

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