Want to make a $50/month donation? Let's turn it into $100 of support for Langley Memorial Hospital each month, for an entire year!

This opportunity is possible thanks to a matching gift by Open Bible Chapel Foundation (OBC Foundation).

To have your gift matched by OBC Foundation, make a monthly gift now.

Formed when the non-denominational church, Open Bible Chapel, closed its doors after the profitable sale of land, the newly formed Foundation now continues to invest the principal from the sale to create interest that can be used to support charitable work aligned with the group’s giving pillars and values.

Matching gift campaigns are a near and dear form of giving for giving for Gordon Krogel, chair of the OBC Foundation.

In fact, the church was given life through a match 60 years ago from philanthropist and businessman Jim Pattison, who offered them $25,000 towards the $50,000 needed to buy a location for the church when it was just starting out in 1959.

“He came to our church and he played the organ and his dad was a song leader. I was with the church right from the beginning,” says Gordon Krogel, chair of the OBCF.

Krogel has never forgotten the good deed they received decades ago from Pattison.

When in 2011 he learned Pattison was leading the way in providing philanthropic support for Surrey Memorial Hospital’s Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre campaign, Krogel felt it was the right time to return an old favour. The group contributed $100,000, matched again by Pattison.

Krogel is excited to see the OBC Foundation's donation used as the matching gift to encourage community support, just as he saw Pattison’s gifts put to good use over the years.

“We watched Pattison’s match campaign, and we saw how small donations can bring the community together and make a big impact. Now, we’re doing the same thing as Jimmy, just on a small scale, compared to him.”

Giving back has been a rewarding experience for Krogel . “It’s exciting for us. Every day brings new challenges.

“There are an amazing number of people out there that need help. We’re having a great time doing it…This is a miracle for us; no two ways about it.”

Giving a gift to support the work at Langley Memorial Hospital was a natural fit for Krogel.

“My wife and some close friends all passed away at Langley Memorial Hospital, so I have a deep connection. My family physician Dr. Peter Methven is in Langley, and all my care has been in Langley, so I thought we would want to help the hospital.”

To have your gift matched by OBC Foundation, make a monthly gift now.