COVID-19 Relief Fund

Donate today to the COVID-19 Relief Fund to help meet the emergency needs of your hospital. Your support will allow our care team to best respond to COVID-19 locally and to ensure the hospital has the funds to quickly adapt to any situation that come up as our pandemic response evolves.

Donate here:

You can help us to ensure BC’s health care providers continue to have the tools they need in the coming months.

The ask:

We’re asking individuals and organizations to donate anything they can to help us fund many critical pieces of equipment that will help in our care for patients impacted by COVID-19, and ensure we are better prepared if anything like this ever happens again.

Examples of needed equipment we could purchase, with your support:

  • Life support ventilators – $58,000 each. Our Emergency Department and Critical Care Units have an urgent need to replace five outdated machines. These units keep oxygen flowing throughout the body by pushing air into the lungs. They’re used temporarily for conditions like pneumonia, but it may be needed longer for someone with lung failure. Even without COVID-19, our hospital supports the more than 1,600 respiratory patients every year with these machines.
  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Robot (UVGI) - $160,000. The robot, used in patient areas such as the Intensive Care unit as well as general medical units and the hospital’s long-term care facility, deep cleans and disinfect “hot spots” by emitting concentrated ultraviolet light to kill SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) that may linger on surfaces. The robots are a safe and effective tool to reduce the risk of infection and help keep patients and their health care workers healthy.
  • iPads/tablets and other comfort items are urgently needed to help our care team to better connect patients with their loved ones while patient visitor restrictions are in place. Also, our care team is under great personal stress. If there is any way we can help make their life easier during this time, we want to do just that!
  • Nebulizers - $210 each. These unites deliver medication in the form of mist, inhaled into the lungs. Used for treatment of cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases or disorders.
  • Optiflow System - $3,900. Our Emergency Department has an urgent need for a new, modern optiflow system to provide important respiratory support, airway hydration and improves patient comfort and helps provide supplemental oxygen.
  • Portable Ultrasound Machines - $7000. Critically ill patients (who may have COVID) seen in our ER often require treatment with an ultrasound to help with intubation. The intubation suite is small and can’t accommodate the large, unreliable machine we currently use. The small unit can easily be sterilized quickly and then used on the next patient, keeping everyone as safe as possible.
  • Rapid Response Reserve. Every day brings new challenges. If we have the right funds, ready to go the moment our hospital team recognizes a new and urgent need related to COVID-19, we can better help our care team and our patients get fast, quality care.

Any funds not spent at the end of our COVID-19 response this year will continue to be invested in emergency care and equipment to ensure Langley Memorial Hospital is best prepared the next time something like the COVID-19 pandemic occurs.

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