We don’t often think of beds as being central to medical care and yet they play a vital role in the treatment we provide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Every area of care within the hospital – from Emergency to Surgery to Maternity and beyond – has unique bed requirements.

Our long-term residential care program, for example, houses 200 elderly, frail patients. Many of the residents are immobile and some spend most of their day in their bed.

Sadly, most beds in residential care are more than 25 years old.

Forty-four beds urgently need to be replaced with modern beds, equipped with adjustable bed positions to meet each individual’s care needs, with new mattresses that offer comfort, and with “smart” technology that keep patients safe.

Donate today to help support the Langley Memorial Hospital bed campaign.

A gift today will do so much more than just replace a bed. 

It would help us ensure all of our residents are comfortable and feel valued. And, it would ensure our caregivers have the tools they need to deliver the best care possible to anyone who comes to Langley Memorial Hospital for treatment.