Over the past three years, Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation has provided almost $15,000 in support of clinical staff education, thanks to donor support of the Staff Education Grant Fund.

The goal of the Staff Education Grant program is to support staff with education development, and to provide innovative learning and research opportunities for staff in an effort to forge new directions in health care provided at Langley Memorial Hospital, Health Care Services and indirect medical services and facilities in Langley.

New for 2018

Effective April 1, 2018, funding applications will only be accepted from Clinical Nurse Specialists or Educators and Clinical Practice Leaders. The change in criteria is intended to expand the impact clinical staff education programs have on the greater staff community.

How to apply for funding 

Clinical Nurse Specialists, Educators and Practice Leaders who want to develop group training or education opportunities for clinical staff employed at Langley Health Services and Langley Memorial Hospital are encouraged to apply for 2018-19 year funding.

For more information about the revised criteria and how to apply for funding, please download the: 


Contact Helen Hughes
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