In summer 2021, the Foundation ran an online survey inviting residents of the Langley region to share their insights on the local health care needs they felt were most important to the community and how well the Foundation’s work was aligned with the health care priorities of the community.

The survey ran from July 12 – July 30, 2021 and received 300 responses.

See the full report: Health Survey Results for the Community. (PDF)

Top Survey Findings

  • The Foundation is rated as one of the most memorable charities in the region. Almost 80% of participants having some familiarity with the Foundation and its mission.
  • Survey participants valued and trusted LMHF and its ability to fulfil its mission to the betterment of the community.
  • The majority saw themselves supporting the organization in the future.
  • While the community still prioritizes the Foundation’s work to improve the hospital, participants felt a need to support community-based health care initiatives as well.
  • In fact, a high majority of participants equally valued the Foundation’s work for both hospital and community health care.

Outcomes following the Survey

  • The Foundation will focus on fundraising opportunities that support seniors and at-risk communities.
  • The Foundation launched a $2.1 million campaign to improve youth access to mental health. See to learn about how the new service model, Foundry Langley, will support the community youth.
  • 2023/24 – The Foundation will conduct another survey to consult with the community.

See the full report: Health Survey Results for the Community. (PDF)