Did you know that Langley Memorial Hospital has a full maternity and pediatric department?

Langley residents are fortunate to count on an extensive pediatric team among the medical staff at their local hospital – expertise that not all community hospitals can boast.

Expertise that allows families to seek care close to home.

This month, we heard from two such experts. 

Dr. Stephen Noseworthy and Dr. Colleen Poole co-lead the Langley Memorial Hospital Pediatric Department and, while they are proud of the work the pediatrics and maternity care team can do locally, they are reaching out to Foundation donors to help make key improvements throughout the hospital.

Improvements that would support their work and ensure the medical teams have access to the best possible equipment to treat the hospital's youngest patients and ensure healthy starts.

Here is their request, in their own words:

“As caregivers at Langley Memorial Hospital, we see children of all ages — from infants to teens — coming in for treatment of injury, illness or chronic disease every day.

Though we treat them as part of the pediatrics team, babies and youth get exceptional care in every corner of the hospital.

They come in for treatment of everything from sprains, burns to broken bones. They come in for access to medical scans, day surgery, and even for care of chronic disease.

While our teams are dedicated to giving our young patients the safest, most effective treatment available, we face daily challenges when we're working with out-of-date equipment and technologies.

It doesn't have to be this way. Together, we can create lasting improvements in the care of the 1,600 babies born each year at LMH, and support their healthy development as they blossom through childhood and become thriving teens.

Your support could make a difference, with equipment such as:

  • Pediatric respiratory testing treadmill providing our pediatric care teams with the means to gauge the severity of childhood asthma and other respiratory health conditions ($2,000)
  • A portable cardiac monitor to examine heart health of critically ill children ($5,000)
  • Specialized positioning chair used to keep children in position during medical imaging, gently and quickly capturing necessary views that lead to important diagnosis and treatment ($14,000)
  • A giraffe care station used to embrace a premature or ill newborn with therapeutic warmth while monitoring vital signs and allowing parents space to safely comfort their child. ($60,000).

New medical equipment means quicker, more accurate diagnoses and compassionate treatment is available right here, just minutes from home.

(Caregivers from the Pediatric Unit at LMH - photo taken before COVID-19)

All of us have a stake in the health of young people in our community. Each of us can identify as parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, close relatives, and friends of children who deserve the best care possible. We know that a healthy start in life is the underpinning of lifelong health and the overall health of our communities.

Children’s health is the cornerstone to community health. With your support, Langley’s youngest people will have access to leading-edge equipment and the best possible care.

The health of Langley’s children today ensures a stronger, healthier community tomorrow.”


Dr. Stephen Noseworthy &
Dr. Colleen Poole,
Langley Memorial Hospital
Pediatric Department Heads

A donation today will help the Foundation meet its mission. Your generosity helps ensure the pediatric teams and have access to up-to-date medical tools. Tools that ensure readiness to provide children of every age with the very best care.

Please be as generous as you can. Donate now.