Mission Accomplished: Lending A Hand Society Drawn to Foundry’s Community Values

For the last seven years, the Lending A Hand Society has given time and resources to charities that help youth in the community.

Led by Steve Ponte and Parm Purewall, the founders of PHL Capital Corp, the Lending A Hand Society has been raising funds for at-risk children and youth from its founding in 2015.

Since then, the Lending A Hand Society has helped organizations make a difference in child health and hospice care, education, with Indigenous youth, and much more.

The Lending a Hand Society held its first golf tournament this past summer, which raised funds to contribute to mental health initiatives and help create a brighter future for young people at Foundry Langley.

The tournament was a success in part because Foundry Langley’s mission merges perfectly with the values of Lending A Hand Society, says Karmel Hasel of PHL and Lending A Hand Society.

“Foundry Langley's main focus is on assisting youth, which is very important to us, and provides much-needed help right in our backyard. We really liked that Foundry has a broad range of services to help meet youths' evolving needs,” she says. “They say ‘someone can't give you what they don't already have, so ensuring our youth are equipped with the tools they need to live healthy, fulfilled lives contributes to a healthy community, as they will be able to pay it forward and positively affect the lives of generations to come.