Even in a time of uncertainty, Langley Memorial Hospital is providing exceptional care.

At the beginning of March, Surrey resident Gunnar Allansson found himself instantly “with the feeling of home” at Langley Memorial after his family doctor referred him to an orthopedic surgeon at Langley Memorial Hospital, Dr. Lukasz Soswa.

Never having visited Langley Memorial before, Gunnar didn’t know what to expect. But a positive experience was shaped by each person he interacted with, and each smile he received.

“Everyone [was] so friendly and laughing and the mood was upbeat,” Gunnar recalls.

“It’s those little things that add up.”

Gunnar knew he needed a hip replacement, but with the first few cases of COVID-19 in BC coinciding with his visit, he was unsure how anticipated hospital restrictions would affect the wait times for surgery.

It turned out that even Gunnar didn’t know how urgently he needed a new hip until his consultation with Dr. Soswa. Gunnar met Dr. Soswa on March 5, and the next day received his surgery.

Growing up playing soccer, and then walking regularly 10 to 15 kilometres to and from work, all added up over the years, taking a toll on his left hip.

“When I saw Dr. Soswa he said, ‘I’m surprised you can even walk,’ because it was just a peg left.”

Gunnar recalls not being nervous before his surgery because he was being so well looked-after. He even slept well the night after his surgery, confident that all had gone well and the hip replacement had been successful.

Gunnar was blown away by the care and kindness he received, not only from the nurses and Dr. Soswa, but the physiotherapy staff as well.

“Nurses, doctors and physiotherapy staff - everyone bent over backwards to help me.”

On Friday, the day after his surgery, the physiotherapist checked on Gunnar and gave him exercises to start working on each day.

“They helped me walk that day, and by Saturday I could fully walk unaided,” he said.

He wants to thank all the hospital staff for the quality of care and attention he received even in a time of great stress and anxiety.

Gunnar said he was most grateful for “the feeling of comfort that everything is going to be fine.”

“They are the best at what they do,” he said with confidence.