Family-centred care is at the heart of Elks of Canada charitable giving

Through a $10,000 gift from the Langley branch of Elks of Canada, visiting families are honoured as important members of the quality care provided at Langley Memorial Hospital.

At any given moment, each hospital unit may have dozens of patients with family gathered to support them on their health journey. Providing a quiet, private space for these family members to come together, meet with medical staff and make important medical decisions, is an integral part of the hospital’s health care programs. 

“Family rooms provide loved ones some rest from the overwhelming sights and sounds of an active hospital,” explains clinical program manager, Scott Farrell. “They also can be a place to express grief without fear of disturbing other patients. But while space on our unit is currently available, the comfort is not.”

Current family space on the hospital’s 4th floor - soon to be renovated thanks to the Elks Langley Branch gift - is worn down from years of use.

“The decision to support this project was unanimous and enthusiastic,” says Elks member Deborah Sallenback. “All our members understand how important it is to support the entire family. One person’s illness affects so many - it’s a domino effect. People are stronger when they have family around them and we hope that with this renovation, the family members will feel valued and supported.”

 “This renovation is much-needed, and so appreciated,” says Farrell. “The new furniture will provide a comfortable place to rest and reflect, and updated artwork will create a calm, peaceful healing environment that makes challenging conversations less stressful.”

In the photo, left to right: Eileen Wojtas (Elks Canada), Flo Sala, Erin McDonald (LMHF), Deborah Sallenback (Elks Canada), Lynn Downie (Elks Canada), Scott Farrell (LMH)