When you’re an Anderson, you can count your lucky stars. 

You’ve most likely grown up in or around Albert and Dorothy Anderson’s 80-acre farm in Langley. You’ve learned about land and food sustainability and how to host visitors at Aldor Acres, your family’s popular local attraction, complete with a petting zoo, Christmas tree area, hayrides, a pumpkin patch and tours for students and seniors.

But more importantly, when you’re an Anderson, you’ve learned the importance of giving.

Melissa Anderson, 29, one of the Andersons’ 19 grandchildren, learned from her grandparents that being so involved in the community means giving back to the community, on a regular basis.

Her grandfather Albert Anderson, a former vet, is a super organized and methodical farmer who’s planned every acre of his land with precision and a vision of a long-term future, says Melissa, who was born and raised on the Langley farm and now works to maintain it with her partner Katie. Al Anderson’s sense of order extends to family giving too. 

It’s only natural that Al and Dorothy focus on Langley Memorial, says Melissa Anderson.

“A lot of our family were born at Langley Memorial Hospital,” Melissa says. “There’s a great history of Andersons entering the world at the hospital—there are upwards of two dozen of us who were born there.”

Aside from their steadfast commitment to Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation, the family is devoted to causes like the Special Olympics, Langley Child Development Centre, and the Walnut Grove Firefighters’ Santa Claus parade.

“They have always stressed in me that it’s always important to give back. And they already do so much in the community, sometimes it amazes me how humble they still are,” says Melissa. “For them, it is what it is: when you’re part of the community, you give.”

Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation is grateful for to have such a generous and loyal family of donors helping to improve health care for everyone in the community. 

Aldor Acres farm is located at 24990 84 Ave. in Langley.