Every person who donates to the hospital improves the Emergency Department. As a donor, you helped my daughter Brittany, and you help every person rushed into emergency.

You see, almost certainly, someone you love will end up in the ER. And that’s why I’m writing this letter – to ask you to make a donation to support the hospital. Your gift will ensure the hospital is better prepared if you or a loved one ever need care. 

It could be a heart attack, a bad virus, or a freak traffic accident. You and I don't expect emergencies, but you know they happen.

I never expected Brittany’s emergency. She was a healthy 26-year-old, a mom with two babies. Then out of the blue, she had the first seizure of her life while driving, and was rushed to the nearest hospital.

Brittany was misdiagnosed, and sent home. But only a few days later I had to rush her to emergency at our local hospital, Langley Memorial.

When she got to the ER her temperature had spiked to 105 – a life-threatening level. Her lips were turning grey. Her fingers purple.

As you can imagine, it was terrifying.

But despite our fears, the staff were wonderful – competent, calm and kind. And Langley’s Dr. Hussain discovered what almost killed Brittany. He didn’t just look at her surface issues, but tried to get to the root of the problem. And he discovered she had lupus and fibromyalgia…

It could have ended so differently if it wasn’t for the care she received at the Langley ER.

I'm pleased to tell you that Brittany is getting her life back. The Langley ER saved her. That's why I volunteer in the hospital and am grateful to write this letter to you, to thank you and to ask you to help build a larger and better ER.

As you know, our community is growing quickly. The emergency room is beyond repair – it’s outdated and it’s crowded. Your generous gift will help expand the ER so our friends and neighbours get better emergency care.

So I hope you will consider making a gift to help patients.  

And if you donate today an anonymous donor will match every dollar you send, which will mean that you’ll have an even greater impact on patient care!

The faster we can raise the money, the faster we all will get a new emergency room.

This matching campaign will also help buy a new MRI, so patients can get their diagnosis right here in Langley. Today patients have to wait up to 18 months and then have to travel to Abbotsford or Surrey for MRI scans. As you can imagine, this travel can be very hard for the elderly or the very sick.

With your gift we’ll open the MRI Suite in 2019. And your donation will help your friends, neighbours and maybe even your loved ones if they ever need the ER.

Everybody has a different ability to give, but what we all have in common is the ability to make a difference.

Please, give whatever amount you can afford today. You’ll build a better ER.


Tanya Lyn, grateful mom and hospital volunteer

Donate here to have your gift matched.