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Staff Education Grant

LMHF - staff education grant

The goal of the Staff Education Grant program is to support staff with education development, and to provide innovative learning and research opportunities for staff in an effort to forge new directions in health care.

Funding Criteria

Requests for grant funding should be apart from Fraser Health’s capital and operational budgets; all requests will require approval in principle from a Manager or Director prior to a grant application being submitted to LMHF. The criteria for grant requests include feasibility, quality and anticipated outcomes as well as the anticipated impact and/or benefit to clinical staff and patients in Langley. Approved costs must be related to direct education costs (tuition, workshop fees) and must not include travel, food and lodging. Successful grant requests must be compatible with the LMHF mission and must clearly demonstrate a benefit to patients, families and staff.

Application Procedure

Forms are available through your manager, they can be picked up at the LMHF office, or you can download it here. Once the application is complete and approved by your manager or director, applications can be submitted directly to the LMHF office. The application will be reviewed by the LMHF Staff Education Grants Committee to ensure the grant request meets the funding criteria. This Committee is comprised of the medical staff representative on the LMHF Board, the LMH Director and the LMHF onhealthy tramadol Executive Director. Staff Education Grant applications will be reviewed monthly and the applicant will be advised by LMHF of the outcome of that review. Funding of any project is at the complete discretion of the LMHF. Applicants agree and accept that decisions by the LMHF Board of Directors are final.

Responsibility of Fund Recipients

Approval is granted on the basis of the grant applications submitted. Successful recipients are expected to carry out requests as stated in the approved grant application with the amount granted. Fund recipients must advise LMHF in writing in the event that a variation of the approved use of funds is necessary. Funding will be provided in the form of reimbursement (upon presentation of receipts) or payment directly to vendor. If changes are to be made, the applicant is expected to obtain the approval of LMHF prior to any expenditure. In the event that any undisclosed material change has occurred after an application has been submitted, LMHF reserves the right to nullify any funding commitments made or to stop further payment. All funded proposals may contain the condition to file a report within three months of completion of the course or within six months of receiving funds (whichever is appropriate) upon request. Copies of all receipts are required.