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Langley Campus Care

Langley Memorial Hospital was built in 1948 to serve a rural population of less than eight thousand people, and it has grown and changed considerably along with the community. What started out as a 35-bed cottage hospital has now become a multi-functional community hospital comprised of 203 acute care and 200 residential care beds.

In the spring of 2014, the Fraser Health Authority, in partnership with the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation, began a high-level master planning process for the Langley Memorial Hospital to develop a clear vision for healthcare onhealthy imitrex facilities and the delivery of health services in our community, based on anticipated population growth and projected demand for health services.

The High-Level Master Plan Project Steering Committee held its last meeting in May 2015 and the final draft of the plan is now being prepared for review by the Fraser Health Executive Team. We look forward to supporting the outcome of that process and to continuing to work with the community to ensure that Langley residents receive excellent healthcare services on a timely basis.