In our Community, For our Community

Imagine having trouble seeing. It is getting difficult to read, you are having trouble at work, you may even lose your drivers’ licence.
And yet the thought of having surgery on your eyes is frightening – what if something goes wrong and you lose your sight?
When Marilyn Boucher was in Langley Memorial Hospital for her cataract surgery, she realized there were a lot of people there for the same surgery. Some were a lot older and didn’t have any family support. They were scared.
“One gentleman was having a really hard time,” Marilyn recalls, “so I went to talk to him to give him a little confidence. He didn’t have anyone there with him. I don’t know what he would have done without a community hospital.”

Community hospitals like Langley Memorial Hospital are essential. “If we didn’t have Langley Memorial,” Marilyn explains, “we would have to go to Surrey or New Westminster. For a lot of people, there is no one to drive them there. You feel safe having the hospital close by. In case of emergencies or accidents, it’s right there.”
Langley Memorial Hospital provides care in our community, for our community. From cataract surgery and emergency services to cardiac and senior care, the range of services is extensive.
One of the reasons we can provide this care so close to home is because of the generosity of donors who support Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation.
I hope we can count on your support this spring.
Dr. Carolyn Anderson, who does nearly 1,000 cataract surgeries a year at Langley Memorial, sees the impact of your donations every day. “Because of the Foundation’s donors, we have equipment that we would never be able to afford through our regular funding,” she explains. “For me, it is such an honour and a privilege to help people in our community be able to see. Our donors make that possible.”
However, our community is growing and we have an aging population. That means there is more demand on our hospital. With cataract surgery alone, there is a nine month wait for surgery in our hospital. That is a long time when you are at risk of losing your job or your driver’s license because you can’t see. More equipment would help reduce that wait.
We need your support to help our community hospital grow. 
Our hospital is growing to better serve our community so we need to purchase life-saving and life-changing equipment. I hope you can help.
Your donation today will make a tremendous difference. Or you may wish to give monthly to help spread your gift over time. Either way, we are incredibly thankful for your generous and ongoing support.
Whether it is for cardiac care, eye surgery, or diagnosing cancer, the best equipment – and enough equipment – will help ensure we can provide care in our community, for our community.