Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation: Supporting Residential Care

DSC_8248Meet Dr. Peter Methven, Medical Director of Residential Care at Langley Memorial Hospital. Langley Memorial has four residential care facilities – Rosewood, Marrwood, Maple Hill and Cedar Hill. They are home to over 200 people who need a high degree of one-on-one care. 

Every day, our residents require personal and clinical support to help them function and maintain a meaningful quality of life, and this includes a bath. Each facility has a “tub room” and in each of our buildings, these rooms have not been updated since the 1970′s, and so remain in their original state. They are used for our residents, including our hospice patients, every day and every week. We can tell you, while our caring staff do everything they can to make the bathing experience as pleasant as possible for our residents, the state of these rooms is very poor and a renovation is long overdue. 

We invite you to make a splash of your own, right here in Langley, by helping us renovate the tub rooms in our residential care facilities. Our elderly residents, as well as those who have become frail due to medical therapy, are our community’s most needy.

Your generous donation will directly benefit our residents who live at the hospital because they require 24-hour, one-on-one health care. Most have been disabled by conditions such as Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia, a stroke or amputation. 

With your help, we can rebuild the four tub rooms, from top to bottom, and outfit each one with a new hydro-sound tub complete with lifts to help our residents get in and out of their bath with ease. Hydro-sound technology is particularly beneficial for our wheelchair-bound residents, as the gentle water movement promotes circulation, relaxes stiff and achy joints, and is ideal for a senior’s thin, delicate skin. 

“You just feel better when you are clean…Our need to bathe and be clean is as fundamental as our need to eat and breathe. We need to offer it to everybody, especially our elderly and frail.” Dr. Peter Methven, Medical Director – Residential Care, LMH

Our fundraising goal is $300,000. Each tub alone costs $40,000. Will you make a donation towards renovation of our tub rooms? Upgrading these tub rooms is a high priority for the hospital, and will only be possible with support from the community. A splash in a bath is a wonderful thing at any age. It is particularly revitalizing for the very old and very frail. Let’s do this together, shall we? Please donate today. 


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