The Moment a Life Can be Saved

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When you pick up the phone and dial 911, nothing matters more than getting your loved one the immediate care they need. At that moment, you want to know that a team of experts is ready to provide the critical care that is necessary. It is a moment you will likely never forget.

My name is Dr. Rita Wittmann and I am a member of the internal medicine team at Langley Memorial Hospital and former director of the hospital’s Critical Care Unit. I can tell you, throughout my career at LMH, I have heard about these moments from many, many families in Langley.

As a physician, I know how important it is for my colleagues and I, and our nursing staff, to have the medical equipment we need to deliver the care and treatment required by our patients. But, to be honest, our hospital needs your support.

This is the moment when we can pull together as a community. By investing in urgently-needed new equipment, we are giving our outstanding medical teams the tools they need to save lives and treat illnesses to reduce the amount of time our patients stay in hospital.

When people ask me if a donation to the Foundation makes a difference, I answer with an unequivocal YES! Your donation makes a tremendous difference! I see it every day. In fact, donors are integral members of our team. Through your support, you are helping improve medical outcomes, perhaps without really knowing the impact your donation is having on patients and families.

I want to share with you a short story about the Zaitsoffs. When Lorraine Zaitsoff dialled 911 in September 2014, her husband, Fred, had collapsed in the front hall of their home. Before Fred’s stretcher had been wheeled out of the ambulance at Langley Memorial Hospital, the doctors, the nurses, the entire team had sprung into action. The diagnosis came soon after: Fred had metastasized bone cancer in his femur and the bone had fractured. He needed surgery and he needed it urgently.

This wasn’t Fred’s first brush with cancer. He had been battling the disease for over three years. The cancer first appeared in his right kidney, then his lungs and now in his femur. That day Lorraine dialled 911, she was sure she was losing her husband of 47 years.

But – an excellent medical team using donor-funded equipment played a prominent role in the Zaitsoff’s story – a story that is familiar to so many other families who come through the doors of Langley Memorial Hospital. Generosity is at work every day in our community hospital helping save lives, improve outcomes and expedite recoveries.

I am happy to report that Fred is back at home, and in April he celebrated the birth of his eighth grandchild, a girl. A joyous moment that he and Lorraine thought they might not share.

Stories like this one would not happen without people like you – donors who give to the Foundation. Today, I am asking you to give and help ensure there are many more happy endings to stories like Fred and Lorraine’s.

Don’t wait until you need to dial 911. Be part of our team.

This is the moment when we can invest as a community and bring life-saving, life-enhancing equipment to our hospital.

This is the moment when you can make a difference for your loved ones, your friends and your community.

Please give.


Thank You
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